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 Post subject: Hello Everybody
PostPosted: Sat Sep 07, 2019 8:57 am 
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A big shout out to all those that still frequent the forum of I logged in this morning to check a few things, and read some of the posts about solos and diminishing traffic on this forum. Starting with the latter, in the early days of the internet we had message boards, the early version of forums such as this. I used to frequent RAMD quite often, along with some political boards. As the internet evolved, and people's bandwidth increased, people began creating forums hosted off their websites, such as this one. But then social media exploded with things like Facebook & Twitter. A friend convinced me to create a fb account, which at the moment hosts much more traffic than this forum.

I don't come here often, I used to login everyday. There was a time when I spent 30 minutes every morning cleaning spam off the site and deleting spam members. I had to go to the phpBB forum and post questions about how to stop spam. I eventually managed to stop it, but just a few months ago after logging in I discovered some bots managed to crack my registration questions, so I deleted them and changed the registration questions, worded in ways that a bot can't answer, even by googling for the answer (which I suspect is how it was cracked before).

This site,, is still not complete, after almost two years (long story and sort of a sore spot with me). I periodically get emails informing me of I&E lists that are incorrect or incomplete, and I forward them to the host, where it falls into a black hole. I apologize for this, but for two years I have been unsuccessful in receiving any response that gives me any valuable information as to timelines or ETA's. I have to admit, after pretty much retiring from drumming, my heart isn't in it as strongly as before.

I do continue to check on things, I saw the DCI winning solo as well as Jeff's son's 2nd place. I looked at the DCA site this morning trying to locate the I&E winner, but it seems all they have up is the I&E schedule (only 7 snares on the schedule, and who knows if all showed up due to the weather). I&E on all fronts, DCI, DCA and PAS, seems to be a dying event. We could probably write many reasons why this is so, and still not really understand the real reasons (anyone want to take a stab?).

Even though I'm sort of retired from drumming, I would like to eventually make some video clips of rudimental double bass drum set exercises. I invested way too much time in practice not to let what I learned be shared. In fact, I'm considering taking on a student or two in order to impart what I have learned, to pass it on so to speak.

Anyway, it's good to see a few familiar faces still here. Keep posting, and I'll keep checking in.


"If rudimental drumming were easy..."

 Post subject: Re: Hello Everybody
PostPosted: Sat Sep 07, 2019 9:51 pm 
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Thanks for the update, Rick!

Marshall Digmon
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